The USA and the USSR had quite a few Ideological differences, and that culminated into a cold war that lasted decades.
The USA was Capitalist; they gave people freedoms- press, elections, and expression. Also, anything that they produced belonged to them and not for public distribution. And the USSR was communist, who didn’t give their people very much freedom at all.
Revolt or protests were prohibited in USSR. They had the back ground of Bolshevik revolution to prove their point. The Russian government controlled what was said in the newspaper and when elections came around; the government chose who would run for the elections without any choice. America’s lifestyle would have been more relaxed and confident. Life in Russia was terror packed with KGB overseeing the citizen carefully. The dictatorship brought timidity.
It was decided by UK, USA, USSR, at Yalta and Potsdam, that they wanted peace in Germany and Europe. But, the objective of the East and the West were for different reasons. Churchill wanted peace for Europe with Britain leading Europe. One step further, Roosevelt wanted democracy with the USA at the head. But the USSR supremo Stalin wanted peace to augment his power. He wanted to spread communism much more.
These two most important conferences- Yalta on February 1945 and Potsdam, Germany, August 1945- could have triggered the cold war. At Yalta Stalin (leader of USSR), Roosevelt (president of USA) and Churchill (Prime Minister of Britain) attended, wherein Soviets agreed to have free elections. And all agreed to split Germany into four zones- one each for USSR, Britain, USA, and France.
The conference in Potsdam with Stalin (leader of USSR), Churchill (attended as Britain Prime Minister until 26 July), Atlee (Took over as prime minister from Churchill), Truman (President of USA) triggered WW11 which cemented the cold war more.

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