The Jonestown Massacre (1978)

Before the 9/11 attack, Jonestown tragedy which occurred on 18th November 1978 represented the deadliest causalities of American citizens in a single non-natural event. The event led to the death of more than 900 Americans who belonged to a religious cult called the Peoples Temple. They died after drinking poisonous concoction at the demand of… Continue reading The Jonestown Massacre (1978)

Belgian Imperialism in Congo

Imperialism is the policy of extending the rule of an empire over foreign nations or acquiring colonies overseas. In 1870, the Belgians took over African Congo through the enticement of the local chief to sign their freedom away. King Leopold II used deception to gain total control over Congo and ultimately made himself the overall… Continue reading Belgian Imperialism in Congo

Deng’s Economic Reforms in China

After Deng Xiaoping ascended to power, he immediately began dismantling the rigid and complex economic policies in China. Farmers used to own land collectively thus Deng started to encourage these farmers to grow crops in individual plots and sell them individually. Initially, farmers were only allowed limited activities to their land such as employing a… Continue reading Deng’s Economic Reforms in China

Deng’s Economic Reform in China

In December 1978, Deng Xiaoping became the pre-eminent leader in China when the country was still unstable due to the Cultural Revolution that was taking place in China. Annual per capita income was less than $100. Fortunately, by the time Deng was stepping down in 1992, millions of Chinese citizens were lifted out of poverty,… Continue reading Deng’s Economic Reform in China

Deng’s Economic Reform in China

Deng Xiaoping is remembered for launching one of the most successful economic reforms that transformed China from an isolated third-world state to the fourth-largest economy in the world. Currently, China’s economy is growing at an alarming rate which is perceived by the USA as a threat. After the death of Mao Zedong, Deng took over… Continue reading Deng’s Economic Reform in China